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Celebrating Innovation: The Masters of Innovation in Computing Showcase 2023

At the University of Bolton’s School of Computing, we are proud to host the Masters of Innovation Showcase, an event that celebrates the achievements of our top MSc Software Engineering, MSc Cloud and Network Security, and MSc Data Analysis students. We believe that this showcase is a great opportunity to build a culture of collaboration and innovation among our students, faculty members, and potential employers.

Why the Master’s Showcase Matters

We take pride in helping our students hone their skills and develop their problem-solving abilities. When we see our students build fantastic projects, we envision great careers for them. The Master’s Showcase is an opportunity for us to showcase the talent and hard work of our students and highlight their unique approach to problem-solving.

For employers, this event is a chance to connect with some of the top engineering talent in the region. They can have conversations with our students and pick their brains about their projects and ideas. This is an excellent way for employers to identify potential hires who have innovative ideas and problem-solving skills.

For students, this event is a chance to showcase their work in front of an audience that includes potential employers, university management members, fellow students, and faculty members. It’s an opportunity for them to highlight their unique approach to problem-solving and impress potential employers.

The Future of the Master’s Showcase

We believe that the Master’s Showcase should be a yearly event at the University of Bolton’s School of Computing. It’s a win-win situation for all involved parties – students get a chance to showcase their work, employers get access to top engineering talent, and faculty members get to celebrate their student’s achievements.

The University of Bolton’s School of Computing takes pride in hosting events like the Masters Showcase that celebrate innovation and collaboration among our students. We encourage everyone who has not yet attended this event to join us on June 2, 2023 at the D1 Suite from 11 AM to 1 PM for the event!

When “Networking” doesn’t involve routers or cables…

This week for our undergraduates, “networking” didn’t only relate to getting into the details of routers, CAT5 cables, and packet tracing as it normally would, it also related to getting out and about to meet and greet (potential) future employers at Manchester Digital’s Talent Day 2022…

One of the downsides of the Covid-19 lockdowns has undoubtedly been the axing of the many external events our students (and lecturers!) would normally be attending and getting involved with throughout the academic year.

No more true is that than when it comes to graduate recruitment fairs, in a world where we’ve all had to be 2 meters apart, such events were simply out of the question.

So I think it’s fair to say many of us were all champing at the bit for ages to get out to events again, but waiting patiently was the only thing we could have done!

Now, however, as the world returns to some kind of normality these events can take place again and so, with great enthusiasm – and a smattering of yummy snacks and gifts thrown in for good measure by the companies attending – many of our students (and a few of us lecturers!) descended on Piccadilly in Manchester to attend Talent Day 2022 on 9th February 2022.

Manchester Digital – an independent trade body for the tech and digital services sectors in Greater Manchester – brought together around 40 of the region’s pioneering and inspiring digital, creative and tech-related companies under one roof at this fantastic event (the first since the lockdowns ended I believe) for our students to meet, greet and get to know.

From small tech start-ups and businesses operating in some very niche and unusual fields to large mainstream, “household” names (Bentley, Roku, Autotrader and Iceland Stores to name but four), there truly was “something for everyone” if what you were looking for was to make those vital contacts to help you land that first graduate computing role when you leave university in just a few months time, as many of our undergraduates are about to do.

But it’s not just about graduate roles for our HE6 students. Our HE5 students came along too as many were keen to find summer work placements or even a year-long placement.

And as lecturers also, we were keen to speak to employers as not only are we looking to find even more partners in the IT sector to join those we already partner with as we’ve now launched our “sandwich” Computing degrees, but it’s also great to share with them a little about what we do: our clear ethos and relentless focus on industry-relevant teaching, our degree apprenticeships, our fantastic support, and giving all our students the best possible chance to carve out successful IT careers, as well as encouraging them to come and guest speak with us and invite our students to events they run too!

Both students and lecturers were very impressed with the event: along with all the stands offering chances to meet and greet, there were also a number of interesting and useful seminars and talks throughout the day.

For students and lecturers alike, it was informative, educational, inspirational and some very good networking was done that day, who knows where those contacts will lead in the future!

And as The University of Bolton is in the process of becoming a member of Manchester Digital itself during February 2022, one thing’s for sure: we’ll be going again next year and getting involved in many more of their events and activities!

Thank you Manchester Digital for an amazing event, see you at the next one!

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