The University of Bolton has deals in place with a number of major vendors which allow our students to download and use a number of free software packages and tools. Some require registration and others simple require you to login using your University email address and password.

AWS Educate

We are a member of the AWS academy program along with AWS educate

Amazon Web Services are a leading provider of cloud services. The University is a member of the AWS Educate programme. Staff and students can register with AWS Educate using a University Email address. Registered students can claim $100 per year of AWS usage credits ($200 for staff). If you exceed your usage credits AWS will charge you for your usage. Don’t worry, $100 actually buys a lot of cloud computing. You can use the AWS monitoring tools to warn you when your spending is too high.

The Centre for Applied Computer Science does incorporate AWS Educate classrooms in some of our modules. This usage includes additional credits and does not count against your $100 credit.

Microsoft Resources

We are fortunate to be able to provide two different Microsoft deals for students. You can download and use Microsoft Office by visiting Login using your University email address and password. Once there you can use Office online. There is also a generous 1TB of storage available on OneDrive (uni login).

Microsoft also make their developer resources available for students. You can obtain server and desktop operating systems, software developer tools and server resources such as database and email servers. This is available through the Azure for Education programme (uni login)

Kivuto Online Store

The University regularly obtains deals for software and services which we make available to students. The OnTheHub service by Kivuto is home to many of these tools. As ever, a University login is required.